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Thank you for checking out our online shops.  Before you start exploring we'd like to clarify the options available to you.

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Online Shop

If you're not from around here and are looking to try our meads this is your shop.  We use Vinoshipper to ship across the US.  Due to the heavily regulated nature of shipping alcohol please check on the order page which states we deliver to.  We apologize if we don't ship to your state but its out of our hands.  Call your state government and ask them to support small craft business like us! 


If you are from around here and need an emergency mead pick up or delivery we got you covered.  Pick up is free and is typically ready within 15 minutes at our mead hall.  If you need it to be brought to you we can delivery within a 10 mile radius of our location.  Fair warning we can take up to 4 hours to deliver as emergency mead drivers can be hard to come by sometimes.

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Find Us

Are you close but not quite close enough all the time?  Come check and see if we're in your neighborhood bar or liquor store.  We're always looking for more places to show up in so it's just that little bit easier for ya to find us.  Every liquor store & bar will stock something from our lineup but sadly not everything.  Give 'em a ring ahead of your visit if you're looking for a particular mead.

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