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Minnesota's First Mead Hall

White Bear Meadery

Our focus is on locally sourced ingredients. Our star ingredient is Minnesota harvested honey that we blend with many other fresh local ingredients. Local strawberries, raspberries, maple syrup and apples to name a few. We educate the uninitiated in our tasting room by sip and story.  Come drink like a Viking, Drink Mead!

About Mead

In short, mead is a honey wine.  In its simplest form, honey and water fermented by yeast much like beer and wine.  Though the essence of mead is oft on the varietal of honey used, many recipes call for a supporting cast of fruits, spices, and other exciting ingredients 


About Us

We got started back in 2019.  We were in a little hole in the wall just north of our current location.  It was a tight squeeze but we made it work until we made our footprint on the community.  Now we're in our new home and excited to brew at full strength with many new adventures to come.


Meet Our Trainee Team

Head of Mead Hall Security


Kids Corner Executive Coordinator


Chief Berry Taster

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